Serengeti Day 3

Setting off for another full day game drive after breakfast, our first stop again was to see what was happening by that elephant carcass, and again it did not disappoint. Today, there were a couple of male lions feeding on it, everyone else seemingly having had their fill.

Lions eating Elephant Carcass
Male lions eating elephant carcass
Male lions chowing on elephant

We did not spend much time today with the lions as Kanael wanted to go a bit farther from camp to try to find a leopard, which of course I did not mind. And just when we thought it was a lost cause, the camp radioed us and said a leopard was spotted just outside the camp, so we rushed back and found a male leopard with a fresh warthog kill. You can see him straining as he drags it to a shadier, and more hidden, spot too eat.

Leopard with warthog kill

We then rounded the day off with a short drive before returning to camp for dinner. Animals spotted: pale chanting goshawk, who we saw attack and grab another bird mid-air, Coke’s hartebeest, male and female ostrich, a herd of elephants, white browed coucal, hooded vulture (near the dead elephant), a tree whose underside was mowed straight by a giraffe, and a male lion lounging on a rock (we think it was one of the ones we saw feeding earlier that is now digesting its meal, as it was near the elephant carcass).

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