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Treasure Chest – 9-24-2023
My recent dive buddy, Daniel, described this place called "Treasure Chest" in about 40 feet of water off of Keawakapu Beach south end, due west. I think I was there once in my past life as a scuba instructor, but it was nice to find it again if it is the same place, or nice to be shown it. It is not a treasure chest as the name would suggest, it is named that for …
Makena Landing
Just a couple of nice long relaxing dives. First with Lynette, and of course I forgot my camera. It was nice not having anything to do but enjoy the scenery, though. Hawaiian Green Sea TurtleStocky HawkfishSnowflake Moray EelDwarf Moray EelHawaiian Green Sea TurtleHawaiian Green Sea TurtleGiant PorcupinefishSaddleback WrasseSaddleback Wrasse
Marty’s Reef
I set out on this dive saying, "I will only shoot macro today!" And then proceeded to not take a single macro photo; It was all wide angle. I guess that's what happens when sharks keep swimming by. But after each wide angle shot, I would get ready for macro again (move lenses, lights, etc) and thus missed getting usable, or any, pictures of a couple of cool sightings today: Spotted Eagle Ray and Great …
Ulua Pom-Pom Crab Day
4 different species of Nudibranch today. But most importantly I set out to find the elusive endemic Hawaiian Pom-Pom Crab in a spot where I used to see them 20 years ago… and I found one. 🙂 Also called the Boxer Crab, this little crab (max 13 mm or ½") will punch at you with the little anemones it holds like pom-poms, unafraid of you despite its extremely diminutive size. Hawaiian Pom-Pom CrabTrembling NudibranchWhite-margin NudibranchWhite-margin …
Ulua Deep
Switching it up, using my Wide Angle Dome lens today, but still ended up shooting mostly smaller subjects. Bird Wrasse (initial phase)Eyestripe SurgeonfishPinktail TriggerfishSaddleback WrasseLawn Chair ScenicDwarf ScorpionfishMilletseed & Blacklip Butterflyfish, Red Reef LobsterPotter's AngelfishHawaiian Green LionfishTwospot WrasseBridled TriggerfishBluefin Trevally & Barred Jacks
Ulua Mainly Macro
I am loving my new macro photo setup. Finally getting the detail I want on the smaller critters. And when a huge school of Heller's Barracuda swim by, I can quickly move the macro lens to the side and shoot wide angle. Gloomy NudibranchWire Coral GobyBarred Wire Coral Shrimp & Wire Coral GobyBarred Wire Coral Shrimp & Wire Coral GobyHarlequin ShrimpKnobby StarDay OctopusHeller's BarracudaGloomy Nudibranch
3 Dives, One Post
A Reef's End dusk, drift dive at Molokini yesterday, and 2 shore dives today, first at Makena Landing, second to the St. Anthony from Mokapu Beach. Still trying to focus on macro subjects (pun intended), but nice having the flexibility to easily remove the macro lens; thanks to (finally) a good lens attachment design by Divevolk. Pyramid ButterflyfishBlue Dragon NudibranchBlue Dragon NudibranchEmber ParrotfishGold Lace NudibranchHawaiian Spiny LobsterLongnose ButterflyfishLongnose ButterflyfishTrembling NudibranchTeira BatfishBluestripe ButterflyfishBluestripe ButterflyfishBlue Dragon NudibranchGreat …
Ulua Deep Reef 9-4-2023
Yesterday I did a scooter dive and went out too a small patch of reef in about 60 ft (18 m) of water, way beyond the edge of the main reef. Gold Lace NudibranchSwimming AnemoneKnobby Star??Bridled TriggerfishHawaiian Green LionfishBanded Coral ShrimpLeaf ScorpionfishChristmas Tree WormHawaiian Green LionfishHawaiian Green LionfishWhite-stripe Cleaner ShrimpWhite-stripe Cleaner ShrimpWhite-stripe Cleaner Shrimp Whitestripe Cleaner Shrimp Manicure
Oneuli Beach (Pu’u Ola’i) & Makena Landing
So today was very exciting! On the first scooter dive from Oneuli Beach with Daniel Moth, I spotted a nudibranch I had never seen before, a quite pretty one (photos below of course). Daniel had never seen it either, and also got a couple of pictures. Once home, I tried to ID it, but it was not in the Hawaii marine invertebrate book I have, nor on SeaSlugsofHawaii.com (the definitive source on sea slugs in …
Lana’i Second Cathedrals and Lighthouse
A nice relaxing day on the Maui Diamond II. And some new species sightings for me: Candy Cane Shrimp, Snow-goddess Nudibranch, Keferstein's Sea Cucumber, and a small school of Bandfin Cardinalfish. Longnose Butterflyfish (Black)Spotted Linckia Sea StarBandit AngelfishTiger CowryBlacktail SnapperSnow-goddess NudibranchBandfin CardinalfishKeferstein's Sea CucumberCandy Cane ShrimpWhitemargin NudibranchWhitemouth Moray EelWhitemouth Moray Eel
Makena Landing Super Blue Moon Night Dive
Sculptured Slipper LobsterHenshaw's Snake EelManybar GoatfishNippon Swimming CrabHawaiian Whitespotted TobyHawaiian Blood-spotted Swimming CrabBanded Hinge-beak ShrimpHawaiian Honey CowrySquarespot Goatfish (night colors)Kato's FlatwormStripebelly PufferfishJeweled Anemone CrabSpotted BoxfishHawaiian Swimming Crab Eating Urchin Banded Hinge-beak Srhrimp (I think) Crazy Shrimp Dance
Marty’s Reef via Makena Landing
A first today: Using scooters to get to Marty's reef from Makena Landing. T'was easy as pie. 2nd dive was just a slow, relaxing kick dive. ScenicYellowmargin Moray EelScenicScenicScenicScenicSpotted BoxfishRed-spotted NudibranchAmbon TobyBlacklip ButterflyfishBlacklip ButterflyfishSnowflake Moray EelLeaf ScoprionfishBandtail Goatfish
Ulua x2 Up Close
Putting a new Macro lens through its paces. It's tricky as the focal range is very very short, like less than an inch, on the macro ultra close-up shots. Scrawled FilefishRinged Sap-sucking Slug (macro)Pin Cushion Sea Star (macro)Raccoon ButterflyfishVaricose Phyllidia (macro)Kangaroo Nudibranch (macro)Hawaiian Hogfish (Subadult female)Trembling Nudibranch (macro)Trembling Nudibranch (macro)Trembling Nudibranch (macro)Pencil Wrasse (female)Twospot Wrasse (female)Longnose ButterflyfishOriental Flying GurnardOriental Flying Gurnard
Pu’u Olai & Wailea Point (night)
Went out with Island Style Diving yesterday for a dusk/night dive. Molokini was the planned destination, but it was too rough from high winds. Trying out the new Divevolk iPhone housing which allows using the native iPhone camera app (which is far superior to the camera apps provided by the housing manufacturers) as this housing allows using the full touch screen of the phone underwater. So I can write notes, listen to music, use the …
More Ulua Reef Pics
Frogfish Commerson's FrogfishCommerson's FrogfishPainted Frogfish and Manybar GoatfishPainted FrogfishPainted FrogfishPainted FrogfishPainted FrogfishPainted FrogfishCommerson's FrogfishPainted FrogfishPainted Frogfish Hawaiian Green Lionfish Hawaiian Green LionfishHawaiian Green LionfishHawaiian Green LionfishHawaiian Green LionfishHawaiian Green LionfishHawaiian Green Lionfish Milkfish Milkfish (Awa)Milkfish (Awa) School of Milkfish (Awa) at Ulua reef Miscellaneous Potter's AngelfishLongnose, Milletseed, and Blacklip ButterflyfishKangaroo NudibranchRingtail WrasseLongnose ButterflyfishLeaf ScorpionfishTwospot Wrasse and banded Coral ShrimpPinktail TriggerfishLeaf ScorpionfishEightline WrasseWhite-spotted NudibranchGloomy NudibranchLongnose and Blacklip ButterflyfishRingtail WrasseBi-color AnthiasChristmas Tree WormPeacock FlounderRed Reef LobsterWhite-stripe Cleaner …
Sunday at my church: The St Anthony
Used the scooters to go out to the St Anthony again. New dive buddy Daniel wanted to try the Lefeet tank mounted scooter, so I used the Scubajet and we launched from Mokapu Beach. I finally got my St Anthony nav groove back; No more searching for the wreck, this time I hit it dead on. 280 is the magic number. Didn't take many pictures, but here they are. Mostly of the Teira Batfish, but …
Ulua 2x
Today was the day to test out new gear, and Ulua is always the perfect place for that. Trying out the new Kraken Wide Angle Conversion lens for the Kraken Smartphone housing. It is working quite well, I think. You be the judge. Also tried my new Aqualung Axiom i3+ BC with and without the Lefeet tank mounted scooter. It was very nice, very comfortable, and streamlined. The weight carries like a hiking backpack, so …
Makena Full Moon Night Dive 8-1-2023
Once, long ago, I did a night dive under a full moon when the water and sky were so clear that my buddy and I (can't remember who it was now, some instructor friend no doubt) did the whole dive without turning on our lights. It was bright enough to see where we were going and make out the mega-fauna and just chill under the wavering moonlight. And it was awesome. A bit spooky, but …
Makena Landing
Another epic dive at Makena Landing. No, no Monk Seal so maybe not that epic. I met up with a couple of new dive buddies early at Makena, which is always nice to avoid the parking crush. Mostly all the usual suspects as far as critters go, but it was just a nice, calm, long (82 minutes) relaxing dive. Longnose ButterflyfishBigeye Scad and Square-spot GoatfishBlack Coral GobySaddleback ButterflyfishSaddleback ButterflyfishGloomy NudibranchRingtail Wrasse and Blackfin ChromisBlackfin ChromisZebra …
Honolua Bay and Mala Ramp
I went up to Honolua Bay to dive today for the first time in well over a decade. Honolua Bay has been a marine preserve for as long as I have been on island (March 1995), so the fish populations and reef health were very good. The long jungle walk from the parking area wasn't as bad as I remember. The path is actually graded now; It is still dirt, but much smoother than it …

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