Serengeti Day 2

The plan for my first full day in the Serengeti was to do a full day game drive, having breakfast and lunch in the bush.

The first stop, however, was to go check on that elephant carcass to see if the lioness had decided to start feasting on it. Apparently she did as she looks fatter today than she did yesterday, but she has now ceded the feeding to the male and her cubs.

Lion pride and elephant carcass

You can see the blood on the male’s chin. You may also note that the elephant looks like it has moved. Well, it has… sort of. The expanding gas in the elephants stomach has caused the belly to expand, causing the upper legs to raise up.

Lion cubs chowing on elephant

Watching the lions eat made Kanael and myself hungry, so we moved on to our breakfast with hippos… and a crocodile and some impala to boot.

Hippos grunting

We closed out this amazing day with an assortment of birds and more mammal sightings, including the lilac-breasted roller, pied kingfisher, impala, zebra, giraffe, and a female ostrich.

Female ostrich

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