The Tyranny of the Minority

In the beginning… Arguments were made that a truly representative legislature would expose the states with fewer people to the tyranny of the more populous states. Thus was born the unrepresentative legislative body called the Senate, where each state gets 2 representatives regardless. I almost get the logic of that… not really… but I can […]

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All the pictures and videos in one place Lion Cheetah Leopard Serval Cat Elephant Giraffe Hippo Zebra Hyena and Jackal Wildebeest (Gnu) Cape/African Buffalo Thompson’s and Grant’s gazelle Impala Topi, Eland, Klipspringer, Dikdik, and Coke’s Hartebeest Ostrich Hooded, white backed, lappet faced, and Ruppel’s griffon vulture Bataleur, tawny and black chested snake eagle Verreaux’s eagle […]