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Hot Air Balloon Safari

For something different, I opted to do a hot air balloon safari for my 6th day in the Serengeti. This required leaving my camp at 4:00 am as the launch site was a couple of hours away and they like to launch at sunrise.

As we were flying alternately low and high over the Serengeti (the pilot changes altitude mainly to steer the balloon by catching different winds at different altitudes), we were able to spot elephant herds, hippos galore, hyena, zebra, wildebeest, impala, topi, baboons, and cape buffalo.

Elephant herd
Wildebeest and zebra

Although the balloon ride was fun, I found the viewing more enjoyable from the ground where you can get closer and stop and watch. After the balloon ride, they served us champagne and breakfast, which was lovely. But the best part of this day definitely came when my guide picked me up to take me back to the camp, planning to do a bit of a game drive on the way. However this turned out to be one of the most eventful game drives as we witnessed something very special, but that is for another entry.

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