The United States of aMENica

Just as the ignorant, mostly racist, certainly misogynist, founding father’s wanted.

The one thing, and I think perhaps the only thing, that the founding fathers got right was the ability to change the constitution, which we had been doing and making some good progress as far as the advancement of human and civil rights was concerned (though we still had a long way to go).

But with this latest decision from the supreme court [sic], we are one step away from having the same society as we did prior to the civil war. If they can roll back women’s rights just by saying, “abortion is not mentioned in the constitution,” then they can roll back LGBTQ rights, African-American rights, and one day, all non-landowner rights… just like the founding fathers intended.

It is now 100% clear what the right means by “make america great again.” They believe that we have to go back to the way things were in the late 1700’s/early 1800’s for that to happen. And we are well on our way now.

The funny thing is (not really) that the large majority of Americans, left and right, do not want Roe overturned, do not want same sex marriage overturned (that’s next on the agenda to be sure). As I posted before, we are suffering the tyranny of the minority. And it fucking sucks.

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